“Health and well-being can be achieved only by remaining centred with one’s spirit, guarding against squandering one’s energy, maintaining the constant flow of one’s Qi and Blood, adapting to the changing seasonal and yearly macrocosmic influences, and nourishing one’s self preventively.” (From the classical text Huang Di Neijing Suwen, thought to be more than 2000 years old)

In essence, not much is required to be as well as we possibly can be…

  • Remain centred with one’s spirit
  • Allow for appropriate rest and movement physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Live connected within society and nature while adapting to change with ease
  • Eat well and nourish the spirit

How to live this will be individually different. If you have questions in regards to any of these areas in your life, please let me know during your next visit and we can reflect on it together!

And if you know someone who may benefit from acupuncture, please encourage them to contact me for further information.